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A tough industry, we've managed to consistently book back-to-back consultations for Lisa - helping her fulfil her foal of becoming a prominent psychic-medium in her local area.

End-to-end bookings
5% CTR
$1000's generated

Mobile App Downloads

When Live Help first came to us they had a goal of 10,000 app downloads in 3 months, an ambitious task to say the least, especially given they were a young company. We were hesitant to say it could be done but with perseverance and constant optimisation, we delivered 11,000 just shy of three months. Based on current growth rate, they've managed to triple revenue this financial year. It was a pleasure being a large part in this campaign.

3x revenue
3 short months

Space Cube - Sign-ups

We've helped Space Cube launch their business into space with our SEM strategies. Since implementation we've generated over 2,500 leads and 750 conversions.

37% reduction in CPC cost
750 conversions
2500 leads


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