Guest Blog Posts

Want to have your content guest posted on Regal Consultants blog page & socials? Follow the guidelines below to learn everything you need, and get blogging!

Why guest post?

Guest posting is a great way of getting your content to audiences interested in your area of expertise. It's a great way to establish authority and demonstrate you know what you're talking about.. It is also an extremely effective strategy for building credible backlinks to your website. By obtaining credible bank links, Google's crawlers will start to recognise your website as being authoritative, leading to higher rankings within Google and other search engines. Share your expertise, sprinkle some knowledge and educate others interested in your field.

Benefits of writing as a guest:

– Obtain relevant backlinks

– Gain exposure from new audiences

– Network and establish new relationships

– Become a source of expert information

– Gain authority

What does my post have to be about?

Our blog focuses on content related to search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. We accept posts from writers with a range of experience. You don’t need years of experience to have your content posted on our blog. Articles can range from simple pieces to in-depth articles, the type of content you create is up to you. We do try to keep our content as a high-of-quality as possible, so our editors will examine each and every submission.

Guidelines to Follow

Here is a list of guidelines you must adhere to when submitting content for a guest post.

– The topic must be digital marketing related

– It should educate readers

– It must be unique! Any duplicate content will be automatically dismissed

– Provide nice examples throughout the article

– Use pictures, screenshots or diagrams

– Structure your article

– It must have a logical flow and make sense

– Make it at least 800 words in length

Register & Contribute

– All submitted articles should include a description of the author and have the headline “About the author”

We're open to new ideas and carefully read all the posts that are submitted. The main thing we ask when submitting a guest post is to cover the topic in its entirety. An average post is usually around a thousand words, but the most important thing is that your article is thorough and covers the topic completely.

We reserve full rights to your article when posted. You may share it on social media, but you may not post it anywhere on the web, nor send it as a guest post submission to another website. By choosing to register and contribute you agree to these terms.

Have a post that’s ready to submit?

Send us an email at and our editor will get back to you to sort out the details.