Social Media Marketing *WITH A BANG*

“But this is something that everyone will love”

Too many times have we observed businesses helplessly blowing their budgets because they're advertising to every individual that is on social media. As nice as it would be that everyone happened to like your product or service, it simply isn't real life. The first thing we teach is to really, really research your market and then advertise to them only. One thing to point out here is that Facebook, or any PPC platform out there for that matter, actually penalizes ads that its algorithm deems "uninteresting" to the targeted audience. Conversely, if your ad scores highly in its relevance, you will be rewarded with a lower cost per impression or click. You can actually see this when you run a campaign under your 'relevance score', be sure to check this each time you run a campaign. Relevance Score

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In this example, the person has a relevance score of 4/10 for their campaign. For reference, anything below 5 is probably not ideal. But take this with a pinch of salt, when marketing items that don't fit either here nor' there, it comes down to your judgment.

Test the Water

There isn't any sense in blowing your money on something that may not even work. You wouldn't fill a bucket with water knowing it had a hole in the bottom, would you? Our go-to figure for most businesses, especially locally-based, is to spend about $5-10 on an initial test of the targeted audience. Even better if you split-test, but we'll touch on that in another blog. From here, judge the reaction and either increase spending or try again. The sweet spot is dependant on your income from whatever you're advertising. If I was a plumber and I put out an ad that costs me roughly $20 and I received a phone call for a job that'll make me $200 - it's easy to see that the benefit outweighs the cost by a substantial margin. In fact, you can think of advertising expenditure on Facebook ads in exactly this manner. If the ad were to have cost me $100 I'd still have $100 in profit.


You don't have to have PhD in Literature

You don't have to have a Ph.D. in Literature. It's about presenting yourself in a professional manner. No one will take a business seriously if they see an advertisement that has spelling errors and/or grammatical errors in it. There are free tools you can utilize that help with both of these issues, Grammarly being just one. It's important to be as professional as possible, after all, you are running a business.

Make It Bold

An advertisement riddled with text will have me interested for about .2 seconds! Make it look good. Ensure images are of high-quality, the ad-text is minimal and that you clearly state what you're offering. Ambiguity can lead to confusion and thus, lower relevancy. Make usefulness of online editing tools, such as Pixlr for example. Facebook's algorithm does not like images that contain text, so it is best to avoid this at all costs. Say what you want in the ad description, but keep it short and relevant. Sell me on the product or service - tell me how it will benefit me.#SocialMediaMarketing#SMM#DigitalMarketing#RegalConsultantsTeam Regal