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The internet has broken down pre-existing walls or 'barriers' to entry. It's not an uncommon sight to see small businesses that now deliver to overseas buyers. As such, businesses within industries have seen a rise in competition from not only domestic competitors but international also. With the rise of eCommerce and international business, digital marketing has become essential in the arsenal of a marketer. The tools used to aid the marketers in their #digitalmarketingcampaigning have also come a long way. In this article, we discuss some of the ways technology is helping to shape 21st Century marketing tactics. Data & Analytics, Sales funnels, Social Media & SEO

Social Media

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is just one of the massive social media platforms that are allowing companies the chance to build followings directly with their customers. Possibly the best thing to come from all this is the ease of access to customers and intuitive user interfaces that make market campaigning much easier for small businesses. Here's an example of what we mean


On the left side of the page that you manage, you'll find helpful tools that aid page management. Here we have the 'offer' tab selected. Hit the offer tab and you'll be able to generate an offer on a selected service or product you provide directly to your customers on Facebook.


Down just a little further and you'll find the 'promote' button which gives you several options to choose from based on what you'd like to achieve.


Best of all, you don't need to be a marketing professional to understand any of this. It is broken down into simple steps that allow people of all technology backgrounds to grasp. This possibly encapsulates the greatest achievement to come from technology and its impact on marketing. Data AnalysisAnalyzing data is now a key requirement for marketing professionals. The ability to transform these data sets into comprehend-able information is arguably a marketing agency's primary job. This is probably one of the reasons demand for data scientists is at an all-time high. How long someone is on a web-page for, what they were doing whilst browsing, all things to do with user interactions can now be monitored and measured which allows for near-instant optimization for any problems that may be deemed important. An article discusses how Amazon showed that a delay of just one second in the loading of its website could cost $1.6B a year. That's billion, with a b. By analyzing such data, Amazon would have made the decisive decision to help page loading times to allow for better end-user experience, thereby leading to an increase (or preventing a decrease) in sales revenue.

Sales Funnels

For anyone reading that may not be familiar with the term, a sales funnel is a sales process that companies lead a customer down when purchasing a product or service. For instance, one of the most famous add-ons or "up-sells" in a sales funnel of all time is possibly McDonald's "would you like fries with that?" whom I'm sure many have all been privy to. This one question and many others developed by the McDonald's marketing team have gone on to lead the company to its behemoth status where it is today. How technology is helping create a more efficient sales funnel process is allowing businesses to come up with even craftier ways to 'rope' you in. By offering something to someone for 'free' it's almost too good to resist. Information is valuable, extremely valuable. You signup for a free information package offering "10 Best Business Secrets" and you've just 'sold' your email address to a company that knows you're interested in activities based on what it provides. The idea here is to capture the lifetime value of those 1/100 people that sign-up to this offer. Here's an example of a what we're talking about;

social media marketing

*Queue emails

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)As mentioned earlier, eCommerce is on the rise due to the removal of trade barriers thanks to the internet. Any business that operates online should know of SEO and its primary functions. If not, we will cover exactly what it is in another blog, otherwise, there is plenty of information out currently on the internet that discusses exactly what it is. In a sense, search engine optimization is primarily about telling search engines exactly what your web page and/or online business is about. To say it matters to your online business or website would be a MASSIVE understatement. SEO is essential, no other qualms about it. Specialty SEO firms charge large sums of money on a recurring monthly basis because it is such an essential marketing tool for businesses that operate online. Google (the company, not the search engine) is extremely serious about the quality of its web pages and results that display once an individual has hit 'search'. So much so, there are over 200 ranking factors that determine a page's rank within its search engine. Knowing how to 'please' their algorithms is a key to a high-ranking web page, and access to the large sums of organic traffic that comes along with it. Until next time. Regal out.#SEO#SMM#RegalConsultants#DigitalMarketing#TechnologyandMarketingTactics