50% of web page views come from mobile

People who relied on desktop computers to browse through websites now find more comfort in the touchscreen of their mobile devices. Not surprisingly, this soaring desire has inspired more businesses to fully embrace the world of mobile website design & development. Nowadays it is an essential requirement that your site is mobile friendly. When doing so, it greatly expands the range and volume of one's business. Mobile devices are almost always the quickest method to reach your target audience, no matter who they may be. According to the latest findings by Statista, nearly 50% of web page views came from mobile devices. 

Develop a site that's mobile compatible.

You should ensure that they're able to find what they're searching for with minimal effort.

These facts provide a clear indication of the growing market of mobile consumers. Businesses which act sensibly and think of attractive, responsive, and functional mobile site development gain higher opportunities to soar over their competition. When individuals are viewing your business website via a mobile phone, it is your duty to make their surfing experience a pleasant one. You should ensure that they're able to find what they're searching for with minimal effort. There's very little in business that's worse than an unsatisfied customer.

If your website content is broader than the user's screen size it will prevent them from being able to view all available information displayed on your website, leading to a loss of potential leads and customers. To prevent this from happening, webmasters may take it upon themselves to offer the best possible user experience. For example: There should not be any ‘scrolling’ from one side to another, try not to over-do-it with animations, keep file sizes down, and important information must be clearly displayed and easy to see. Having an easily clickable telephone number, a photo of your physical location (or address), i.e., your contact Google map, are all great things to have on a website, helping users find information about your information efficiently. If you're not sure how your website looks like on mobile you may use Google's Mobile Friendly Tool

Simply type your website URL into the tool to see if your site is mobile friendly or not. Google ranks websites depending on whether they're mobile optimized. In case your website only works well on desktop and you're wondering why of your sales are dropping, then it's time you create a switch to a responsive, Mobile Optimized Website. Not only will this boost your search rankings, but will likely increase the number of leads generated via mobile devices.