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Page one of search results is the very pinnacle of Google rankings. It’s precious. Once you have it, you’ll never want to let it go. But what are the best ways to get there in the first place and how can you sustain that coveted spot once you reach it?

Google love content!

Next to backlinks, content is the number #2 priority for Google's algorithms in terms of what determines a pages rank (this is out of 200 ranking factors. If you have quality content that people love and enjoy, your company is going to basically explode with free customers. Builing your website authority is the key to unlocking your potential and putting your company in front of more searching eyes. What you need is one of the top SEO companies, right here in Australia.

Outwit, outplay and outlast your competitors online with Content marketing and SEO services. As Australia's leading content marketers we provide the tactics that are proven to be effective, so your business can grab the spotlight and show off! We aim for the top spot, so you’d better believe we do the same for our clients. The number one ranking business steals 30% of all total online traffic, so we adopt the strategies that will push you to the front of the crowd. Send a message to our team in Perth and let’s chat about the best tailor-made content-marketing for your business.
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SEO Case Study

Yoga Baby

Yoga Baby came to us looking to increase their organic search rankings. With a relatively niche market, competitiveness wasn't a large issue, instead we got to work on a structured content plan that would allow them to become an authorative figure. We reached out to industry contacts that allowed guest blogging and Yoga Baby have since seen a large increase in many traffic, conversions and were also able to decrease spending on ads.

In organic traffic
Rise in conversions
Savings in online ads
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Gain Search Ranking

Not headaches.
We make you money by building a focused, unique SEO strategy. With tactics like local SEO and content marketing, we direct those customers that convert straight to your website.There’s no point in executing a loosely-assembled approach that might pick up a couple of wanderers. We hone in on relevant online users that are guaranteed to fill your pockets.
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perth seo agency

Hassle-free Reports

We don't hide results
In fact, it's just the opposite. We'll send you detailed breakdowns of how your
rankings are tracking, where your content is place &
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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a fancy way of saying "optimising your website is about increasing the information your website gives to search engines". It's an effective strategy used to develop a websites credibility and relevancy, helping rank higher for certain keywords.

Why do you need SEO?

Carried out correctly, a well-developed SEO strategy will increase your websites visibility on search engines,
leading to an increase in organic traffic, customers, conversions and ultimately, revenue.

Why do we need an agency like Regal Consultants?

We're experts in the industry, with professionals that have been working in SEO longer than Google has been around! We utilise in-house software to optimise your website, reporting to you every step of the way. Using proven and tried methods, we've been able to successfully rank hundreds of businesses on Google's 1st page.
We don't just talk. We do. Partner with us and increase your web presence!
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Help businesses just like yours rank on the first page!
We're leading experts in SEO! Our team has helped some big names in every industry.
By utilising our in-house software, we're able to see exactly what's wrong with your website and how to fix it!
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